The coyne group carefully selects investment opportunities that will deliver high returns. USING more than 200 years of collective experience, we identify value where others cannot. EVERY deal is completed within two years, with 65% of all profits returned to investors.

Welcome to Coyne


The Coyne Group is a unique partnership of property management experts and investors. If you have funds you'd like to invest in residential property, but don't have the confidence, insight or time to begin, please get in touch. We specialise in working alongside investors to produce high-yield returns, spotting opportunities in the market others miss. We promise to be open and honest with all our investors, and committed to using our expert skills to help you make money.

Mike Coyne


Our investors

once they partner with coyne, many of our investors choose to expand their portfolio. happy with the substantial returns we provide, they reinvest in new projects. but we welcome all wanting to invest £25,000 or more in property, as a one-off or rolling investment. ALL we ask is you make the same commitment to our partnership as we do.




Join Us

If you're considering investing in property, email us at investment@coynegroup.co.uk, or telephone our team on +44 (0)1275 866445.



THE COYNE GROUP IS THE VISION OF MIKE COYNE. He has spent the past 25 years working on property investment deals totaling more than £100 million. under his leadership, the coyne group continues to grow, maximising profits for its investors.