our strategy

The coyne group carefully selects investment opportunities that will deliver high returns. USING more than 200 years of collective experience, we identify value where others cannot. each deal is completed within two years, with 65% of all profits returned to investors.

High yields


The Coyne Group takes a unique approach to property investment. We use our expertise in planning, construction and the market to identify prospective investments that have hidden capital value. Uplifting a site, obtaining the right planning, and converting a property in the right way can result in a significant increase in worth, leading to attractive returns on investment. We only commit to deals that provide a high potential yield, and a clear exit that can be realised within two years.

Mike Coyne.



student accommodation is a developing sector in the uk real estate market, with demand exceeding supply in times of economic growth and recession. we help convert properties, including abandoned licensed premises or commercial spaces, into highly sought-after living accommodation.




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If you're considering investing in property, email us at investment@coynegroup.co.uk, or telephone our team on +44 (0)1275 866445 to attend a monthly Coyne Group seminar.



The UK is a country short of residential housing. local authorities and planners are keen to facilitate the conversion of properties into residential homes. many urban areas also lack enough retirement homes to care for their aging populations. by helping to convert properties into residential housing, the coyne group seeks to benefit investors and local communities.