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The Coyne Group has recently been subjected to some unfavourable and unsubstantiated comments on selected public forums, which have been submitted, in some cases, under fake identities.  It is apparent this person/persons are attempting to besmirch the company’s good name by making false claims and sharing confidential documents with the aim of compromising the status of key projects.

In this fragile economic climate, these actions are not helpful to our investors and Coyne Group is strongly defending its good reputation. Action of a formal HR and legal nature is now taking place. This could result in libellous action against any parties found to have been sharing or contributing to these false and defamatory allegations. 

The company is working with the appropriate channels who are removing these accusations and taking all necessary steps to resolve this issue. However the very nature of Social Media makes this a hard process. Coyne Group would like to reassure its investors of the secure status of the company. 


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